Will Shannon
President of the Australian
Complementary Medicine Association
Will Shannon is one of the internationally recognised authorities on natural medicine,
the science of Iridology, Herbalism and how to overcome incurable illness.
Pinnacle Cinic

Pinnacle Health Clinic Natural Therapies for Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne

Pinnacle Clinic is one of the most recognisable brand of complementary medicine clinics throughout Australia-South Pacific, offering allied and complementary medicine services to the jurisdiction of hundreds of thousands of people who might otherwise have poor access to complementary medicine.

Pinnacle clinic’s team include Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists and Iridologists.

Pinnacle Clinic has over 30 years of excellent reputation and treated hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients. It was first founded by Eli Shamon, and since succeeded by his son, Will Shannon.

At Pinnacle, we’re committed to bringing you the best services we possibly can. Pinnacle has a presence in 4 countries – Australia, Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand.

We are Australia’s leading natural medicine clinic, providing natural therapies all around Australia and the South Pacific including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In Sydney we operate clinics at Double Bay and North Parramatta. You can make an appointment at any of our clinic locations. You can also browse our website and find a vast array of natural therapies and remedies for purchase including vitamins, minerals, herbs and skin care products. From natural skin products to herbal remedies we provide complementary therapy resources for those seeking natural health solutions.

Will Shannon, the son of Pinnacle Health Clinic’s founder, Eli Shamon, is one of the most well-known naturopaths, specialising in natural medicine, iridology, herbalism and an array of other natural healing techniques. Our customers come from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth as well as travel from international locations. Individuals from across the globe have come to Pinnacle Health Clinic in Parramatta for advice on their health and wellbeing. Having consulted with tens of thousands of people from over 140 countries, Pinnacle Health is best positioned to offer natural help to you.

The Pinnacle Health Clinic’s wide range of tonics and medicines involve natural therapies that support both the physical and emotional aspects of your being in order to relieve pain, improve vitality, and assist with emotional disorders. Many people suffer from anxiety, stress and depression with people turning to drug prescriptions more than ever. We source botanical extracts and herbs from the best ethical suppliers across the globe. We utilise the best of hundreds of herbs, including rare species, for Pinnacle natural remedies, to support the body in its journey to contend with illness and restore health.

At Pinnacle Clinic, we are dedicated to delivering professional advice and quality natural therapy solutions to people across the globe. From detoxing to infertility, anxiety to illness, holistic therapies, people turn to us as should you to achieve a better level of health and wellbeing.

For anyone concerned with their health and wellbeing, we help you take control of your body. Browse our range of natural medicines online or contact Pinnacle Health Clinic for an appointment with a professional naturopath. Join the people from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and individuals from around the world who have achieved their goals for a better level of health and wellbeing with Pinnacle. Maybe you can too!

Pinnacle Health Clinic accepts all members of the community without discrimination of race, religion, background or other social factors.