What will happen on your first consultation?

Firstly, we will see where you are with your current health and the steps you took to get there.

A consultation can be as easy as a phone call to a fully qualified, University educated practitioner, or as detailed as a lengthy intake, and case history, thorough list of current medications with dosages, any recent lab, and blood work, or diet journal.

There are also protocols now given the virtual world we live in where a practitioner can help you assess yourself over the phone.*

All consultations are with a Naturopath, but a medical practitioner can be made available on request.

A plan can include a simple overview with a quick, safe and growth driven kick start, or a comprehensive dietary overhaul, with other modalities included.

A 3 Step Solution



We work out exactly, succinctly where you are body system, by system. Look at any symptoms, and help you get you on track, and to any causal track.



We work out where you want to get to together, and design a plan. This plan can be a quick succinct big picture, or a step by step nitty gritty detailed depending on how best you implement.



We take action through dietary, and lifestyle action.
We’ll be on the journey every step of the way helping you make the changes.


What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Western Medical Doctor?

Naturopath’s do not prescribe pharmaceutical medicine, surgery, or administer radiation.

In most parts of the world MD’s or MBBS have done 8 years training (sometimes it can be done in as little as 6).

Naturopath’s in some part of the world require 8 years training, however in Australia they require only 4 (excluding post graduate).

A Naturopath does not just look at symptoms but attempt to get at the casual root.

Do Naturopath’s do residency?

No most do not.

What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Homeopath?

Homeopaths prescribe Homeopathic remedies.

Naturopaths may prescribe Homeopathic remedies, but also use diet and lifestyle counselling, botanical intervention, recommended postural or other physical intervention, and nutraceutical supplementation, and if carrying appropriate airworthiness qualifications may recommend intra muscular injections and other such therapies.

A competent Naturopath will focus on what is safe, and only recommend supplements you need.

Why do we do it for free?

We know we can get your results
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